In 2003 Emerson USA Incorporated was born and has become a leading provider of flags and banners in the State of California. 

Emerson USA Inc. is a California based flag and banner manufacturer that offers its customers only the best in Color, Motion, Pageantry, and Impact. For major conventions, sporting events, reunions, and corporate gatherings, Emerson USA Inc. is here with the highest quality flags and banners to enhance the mood and help create unforgettable memories.
We can design and produce any flag or banner to satisfy your needs; in fact, No is a word that will never be heard when placing an order with us. Our staff will do what it takes to fit your needs and design specifications to ensure satisfaction. We will work with you every step of the way- from the initial concept to the finalized product- to make sure your order is exactly what you desired. When needed, we can advise on size, color, materials and finishing, as well as the best methods to showcase your flags and banners.
Visual statements that create unforgettable images are the hallmarks of Emerson USA Inc. We offer a selection of top quality fabrics specifically made for flag and banner applications. All of our fabrics are colorfast and treated with ultraviolet ray protection, to keep the colors from fading, and optical brighteners, which provide a longer lasting image on your flag or banner. Skilled seamstresses meticulously sew our products and work under strict quality control standards to ensure our customer only the best. We meet tight deadlines without compromising quality, and will ship your order to ANY desired location, whether it be domestic or international.

Advertising, Promotion, Decoration, and Utility are the keys to the appeal and success of Emerson USA Inc.'s Flags and Banners. Our flags and banners grab people's attention, and their message is prevalent for all to see. Most importantly, Emerson USA Inc.'s flags and banners are cost efficient, reusable, easy to store and low maintenance. There is exceptional flexibility in size, shape and color and can be used for any venue, large or small, indoors or out. The applications are endless, from concert backdrops to visual merchandising displays; VIP visits to stockholders meetings; art openings to marathon finish lines. Whatever the event, Emerson USA Inc. is here to satisfy your and your firm's needs.
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