Custom Banners

We can supply you or your business with virtually any custom banner.  To begin, please contact us today with your custom banner project information, as outlined below, and it will be our pleasure to lend a hand!  

  1. Bullet What is the banner’s size and purpose?  Our banners can be made in just about any size and the applications are endless, from concert backdrops to visual merchandising displays; VIP visits to stockholders meetings; art openings to marathon finish lines.

  1. Bullet Banner construction: printed or appliqué? Emerson’s exclusive Bratach Printing Process utilizes a water disperse system which is non-toxic, odorless and environmentally friendly. The inks contain UV inhibitors which resist fading and the colors are colorfast. For dimensional designs, Emerson’s Appliqué banners are meticulously sewn and are considered the finest appliqué banners available.

More information on The Emerson Bratach Printing Process and Emerson Appliqué can be found by visiting our Custom Flag Information page.

  1. Bullet Do you have digital art created or do you need assistance? Dazzling graphics for your banners are designed or recreated from your images by our creative department.  If you already have your artwork created, you may submit it by digital graphic files, vector formatted. Other types of artwork such as black and white composites, photographs or scanned email artwork can be accepted. We will try to match your colors as closely as possible. For specific colors, PMS numbers are required.

Additional information on artwork and Pantone PMS color numbers can be found on the Custom Flag Information Page.

  1. Bullet Double-Sided, Single-Sided, or Single-Reverse Banners? Double-Sided banners (best for banners viewed on both sides) are created by sewing together two banners with lining in the center so that your image is presented on both sides of the banner. Single-Sided banners display your image on one side and present a solid field on the reverse side of your banner. Single-Reverse banners present your image on one side and display the mirror opposite of your image on the reverse side of your banner.

  1. Bullet Where do you intend to display the banner and how will it be hung? This helps us determine the finish. Will it be displayed on a wall or from a ceiling?  Will it be displayed on a building or in a stadium?

  1. Bullet Please state the quantity: There are no minimum or maximum quantities.

  1. Bullet Submit your information to our custom department: When you have gathered the above specifics for your custom banner project you may submit it to our custom department by choosing one of the following three options:

  1. Bullet FAX        888.892.3580

  1. Bullet Email

  1. Bullet Form      Custom Form

Once submitted, a custom representative will contact you shortly to assist you with your custom project.

Emerson Custom Banners