Custom Made to Order
We can design and create any flag or banner to satisfy your request; ease, effectiveness, and excellence are achieved when placing an order with us. Our team will do what it takes to fulfill your needs and design specifications to ensure satisfaction. From the initial concept to the finalized product we want to make certain that the end result is exactly as you desire. When requested, we can advise on size, finishing, color, and materials as well as the finest manner to showcase your flags and banners.	

Contact us today with the information outlined below and it will be our pleasure to lend a hand!  

 The size of your flag: The size can range anywhere from 2x3 feet to 12x18 feet. Items larger than 12x18 feet are reserved for our banner manufacturing.  

 The quantity of flags or banners that you would like to produce: Requests of larger quantities will decrease the cost of each flag or banner.

 The flag or banner's colors and design: It is with these graphics and color specifications that our art department can transform your images into a sewing pattern for construction of your flag or banner.

 Double-Sided, Single-Sided, or Single-Reverse Flags and Banners: Double-Sided flags and banners are created by sewing together two flags or banners with lining in the center so that your image is presented on both sides of the flag or banner. Single-Sided items display your image on one side and present a solid field on the reverse side of your flag or banner. Single-Reverse flags or banners present your image on one side and display the mirror opposite of your image on the reverse side of your flag or banner.

 Flag & Banner Construction: Printed or Appliqué: you may have your flag or banner ink printed or hand sewn with appliqué construction. For your convenience, more information is availble on Printed and Applique Flags & Banners at the following web pages:

Appliqué Flags and Banners

Printed Flags and Banners

 Submit Information to our Custom Flag Department: When you have gathered the above specifics for your custom flag or banner you may submit it to our custom department by faxing it to (888) 892-3580 or better yet, by email to Custom Flag and a custom flag representative will contact you shortly to assist you with your custom flag or banner needs.
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We at Emerson apply our craftsmanship and expertise towards producing flags and banners of the highest quality: We are the premier manufacturer of flags in America, and our custom flags & banners are considered the finest available

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