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Your California Dream Starts Here:  Raise Your Spirit High with Emerson Flags!

From sun-kissed beaches to vibrant cities, let your California spirit shine with Emerson USA flags! Whether you’re cheering on the San Francisco Giants at Oracle Park, surfing world-famous waves in San Diego, or innovating in the heart of Silicon Valley, we have the perfect flag to match your Golden State enthusiasm.


*Unleash a Festival of Flags*

  • Classic American flags: Show your national pride with our premium American flags, made with the highest quality materials. Our flags proudly wave from the State Capitol in Sacramento to the United States District Court in San Francisco, and can do the same for your home or business.
  • California State Flags: Fly the iconic California Bear Flag proudly, whether it’s a classic banner waving in Sacramento or adorning a government office in any of our California cities.
  • Team spirit: Rep your favorite California team with custom banners for the Los Angeles Lakers, the Santa Clara 49ers, the San Francisco Giants, and more! Show your local pride and rally behind your hometown heroes.
  • Local love: Support your community with unique, custom-made flags. Celebrate your city, neighborhood, or school with a one-of-a-kind flag designed just for you.
  • Custom flag masterpieces: Design your own custom flag masterpiece to reflect your California dream. Capture your Silicon Valley innovation, your beachside lifestyle, or anything else that embodies your California spirit.


Rooted in California, serving you right:  Our friendly customer service team, as grounded as the redwoods, shares your love for the Golden State. They’re available to help you find the perfect flag, whether you’re in Sacramento, San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, or anywhere else in California.


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*From Sacramento to San Diego, Let your California spirit fly high with Emerson Flags*