Emerson Custom Flags

Stand Out. Be Remembered. Unleash Your Brand with Emerson Flags.

Tired of blending in? At Emerson USA, we help brands like yours transcend the ordinary with captivating custom flags and banners. We’re not just flag makers, we’re your partners in visual storytelling, crafting impactful flags that become powerful extensions of your unique identity.

Imagine: Your logo, a beacon of recognition, soaring on a vibrant flagYour logo, a beacon of recognition, soaring on a vibrant flag, captivating attention and igniting conversations. Imagine school colors igniting a sea of passionate fans, fostering a profound sense of belonging. Envision special events adorned with imagery that evokes powerful emotions, creating indelible memories. With Emerson, your vision transforms into a tangible masterpiece, woven into the very fabric of collective experience., turning heads and sparking conversations.


Why Choose Emerson?

  • Unmatched Craftsmanship: Experience the enduring quality of hand-stitched appliqué and premium fabrics, built to withstand the test of time. For larger productions, we offer high-resolution screen printing that delivers unparalleled color vibrancy and crisp details.
  • A Legacy of Excellence: From the Super Bowl to the Olympics, our flags have brought countless events to life with stunning impact. Industry leaders like the NFL, MLB, and Microsoft trust our expertise for a reason.
  • Your Vision, Realized: Share your ideas, designs, or logos with us. Our skilled artisans meticulously translate them into a stunning flag that perfectly embodies your unique identity.
  • A Seamless Journey:  We handle everything, from design to delivery, with meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to deadlines and budgets. Whether you require a single flag or wish to adorn an entire city, we ensure a smooth and effortless experience.
  • Unleash Your Vision:  Craft Your Dream Flag Today!


Design Your Masterpiece:

  • Find the perfect canvas: Whether you need a compact flag for indoor display or a grand statement banner for outdoors, we offer a range of sizes to suit your needs. 
  • Bring your vision to life: Share your artwork, logo, or color preferences, and our team will help you turn your ideas into a stunning flag. Upload your own designs or choose from our extensive library of options.
  • Maximize your impact: Opt for double-sided construction for unmatched visibility, or select single-sided or single-reverse for a budget-conscious option.
  • Express your style: Choose between vibrant digital printing for sharp details or classic, hand-stitched appliqué for a timeless touch. Both methods guarantee exceptional quality and durability.


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